Hello from Timelesspeony

The name Timelesspeony is very special to me. Timeless - those beautiful things or thoughts that remain forever, and Peony - for the love of the beautiful graceful flower that springs forth love and romance!

***Vintage pieces are timeless - these pieces brings back the past and adds to the future.

***Repurposed Vintage - those pieces that are past but brought to the future.

***Vintage Inspired - those pieces that are modern with a vintage touch.

These are the things that I am passionate about and that is why I offer to you, my customer these resources . Vintage styles from the past that you can utilize for all different sorts of events, such as vintage inspired weddings, period appropriate parties, and yes decorating your home.

I love taking a vintage piece, that is no longer useful in its present state and make it meet the standards of today's living so that it can live on as a piece of history and it still has a story to tell along its travels.

My vintage passion does not stop with vintage itself, it rolls over to the modern day times and that is why I love to add a bit of vintage inspiration to everything that I love in the modern day world. I feel I have the best of the two worlds together!

Now, you have it! If you are vintage lover like myself, but yet love the modern touches, then my shop is all about offering you bit of vintage itself and a vintage touch. It will take care of those two beautiful touches in your life!

Dont be afraid to travel through time a bit! You will encounter so many different ideas and your experience will be breathtaking!

Have a wonderful vintage/vintage inspired day!


Contact me: timelesspeony@gmail.com

We offer pieces that are timeless, vintage inspired, wedding & home

Welcome to TIMELESSPEONY which is born through a passion for vintage treasures and vintage weddings.

Vintage whether it be a piece of furniture, a vintage dish or a beautiful vintage dress always has been fascinating to me! I have always said if a piece of vintage could talk, what stories it could tell! Vintage brings charm, history and is timeless! Thank you for stopping!